Jure Dobnikar : Organization of Soft and Biological Matter   |   Frenkel Group   |   Department of Chemistry

My main research interests:

- colloidal interactions (electrostatic, magnetic, polymer-induced...)
- many-body effects and self-assembly
- collective behaviour of complex and active colloids
- multivalent binding in biological systems
- bacterial motility and physics of bacterial populations

Other tasks:

I am the coordinator of the Marie Curie training network (ITN NANOTRANS) that will kick-off in March 2016. I currently work at BUCT in Beijing, China as a PI and an assistant director of the International Center for Soft Matter Research where I manage the international cooperation program.

Selected recent papers:

Liquid-crystalline ordering of antimicrobial peptide-DNA complexes controls TLR9 activation: Nature Materials 14, 696-700 (2015)

Nanoparticle Organization in Sandwiched Polymer Brushes: Nano Letters 4 (5), 2617 (2014)

Designing Stimulus-sensitive Colloidal Walkers: Soft Matter 10, 3463 (2014)

Pattern formation and coarse-graining in 2D colloids driven by multiaxial magnetic fields Langmuir 18, 5088 (2014)

REVIEW: Emergent Colloidal Dynamics in Electromagnetic Fields: Soft Matter 9 (14), 3693 (2013)

BOOK: Electrostatics of Soft and Disordered Matter: Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd. (2014)